Saving time, saving waste, saving money

Quality is the currency of fresh produce.
Let us help you to make to most of your supply chain.

Total transparency

Purveyance tools provide you and your customers a chance to report and manage quality all on the same platform in real times. Data has never been faster, clearer and more transparent.

Proactive management

With specialised risk forecasting tools at your disposal – decrease waste through proactive management of high risk stocks. Its not about reporting quality its about minimising the risk.

Data driven decisions

With our Big Data capabilities and dedicated quality reporting data analysis tools you can dissect and analyse quality of your supply chains with 5 clicks of the mouse. Reporting real value in real time.

Smart working

The suite of smart device applications digitize your quality reporting requirements. Staff can work offline, use import facilities to pull in external data from temperature loggers and report quality while saving up to 30% of their time with mobile devices.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

Carly Fiorinas - Former CEO of HP

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