Saving time, saving waste, saving money

The fresh produce industry has a longstanding history with quality reporting. With smart devices we can quickly digitise current systems and make sure that we get Big data capabilities on a little budget. We don’t want to re-create the wheel. We just want to make it go race car fast.

Case studies

Grower and quality analysis

Over a season we trialled the platform in the real market.

Assessing over 170 000 cases of fruit we were able to effectively demonstrate the capabilities of the platform.

Our systems was able to cost effectively capture the quality data and identify all issues within the grower base. With targeted management the waste over the next season could be decreased by €22 000.00.

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Pack-house analysis

Quality assurance is one thing that the fresh industry is not short of. In many cases most fruit is inspected 10 times or even more across the whole supply chain.

Most of the inspections carried out are paper based and not integrated into the business systems for analysis and these are time consuming. Inspecting, taking notes, taking photos and using desk top platforms to create, upload, file and communicate reports.

The Purveyance suite of smart applications have proven to be up to 30% more time efficient per inspection and quality report, simply by having the right tools incorporated into a smart device.

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“A particular shot or way of moving the ball can be a player's personal signature, but efficiency of performance is what wins the game for the team”

- Pat Riley

The purveyance tools allows the whole supply chain to use the same system. One system, one team – The winner? – the whole supply chain.