Saving time, saving waste, saving money

Downstream reporting means that we report quality from production all the way through to the customer. By starting at the source and adding information at each point in the supply chain we can create total supply chain transparency. Our range of smart device applications and Big Data services allow you and your customers to speak the same language in quality and performance.

What we do

Smart device applications

Specialist applications in each area of production:

  • Growing
  • Packing
  • Logistics
  • Arrival destination

Allows for 30% more efficient data capture, real time reporting and proactive quality reporting. Smart low cost and low risk data capture is now a reality.

Data driven decisions

Bid data capability means that we can take hundreds of thousands of data points and crunch then in nanoseconds. Our systems are specifically designed to be no more than 5 clicks away from understanding what the actual cause and effect of waste is. Corrective actions and real time intervention are essential in fresh produce where every second counts in the fight against waste development. Using these data driven solutions you can take more control of your supply chain and proactively reduce risk in the supply chain.

Risk forecasting

Using intelligent software we have developed a risk forecast tool. This tool uses specific local information to estimate risk at the source of the product.

By forecasting the risk we allow you to effectively communicate the risk to your customers and ensure that stock rotation and other active management solutions decrease the risk of waste development. Reducing waste isn’t only about reacting to information, its about proactive management and risk minimisation.

Working with other supply chain resources

Other companies provide excellent resources in the fresh industry already. Our policy of adding value means that we have created the opportunities for importing data from existing systems and including these in the Purveyance database. You will now be able to keep all information in one place. So if you have temperature data or any other type of data we can import, model and analyse it and give you insight to gain competitive within a competitive market place.

“Waste is a tax on the whole people”

- Albert W. Atwood

Minimising waste across the supply chain is critical to having long term sustainability.