Saving time, saving waste, saving money

Purveyance is a platform for quality management designed by quality managers.
With 15 years experience in fresh produce quality management we know what you need and what you want - simple effective tools to deliver value to your clients.

Start with Why?

Here at Purveyance we always start with Why?

Quality in fresh produce is difficult at the best of times. Climate, shipping and all the other market place factors in between increase risk. Some risks we can manage some we can’t.

We are committed to the fresh produce supply chain to ensure there is continued sustainability through effective data analysis. Data which up until now has not been readily available in formats which we can analyse and trend. Our big data driven platform will allow you to analyse your supply chain in 5 clicks of the mouse. Our system asks only 5 Why’s to get to absolutely KNOW what the cause of waste is and how to fix it. It really is that simple.

Businesses who use data analysis are up to 5% more efficient and 6% more profitable than their competitors who don’t.

Now ask yourself this: Why wouldn’t I want to be more efficient and more profitable than my competitors?

“Waste is a tax on the whole people”

- Albert W. Atwood

Minimising waste across the supply chain is critical to having long term sustainability.